What is your guiding mindset?

Our mindset determines the choices we make and the actions we take.   We may have to un-school ourselves, if we have become too illness oriented.  And re-school ourselves towards being able to think salutogenic (thinking health) or pathogenic (thinking disease) depending on the situation.

Here is a checklist one can use.

We need to be pathogenic (think illness)  when we need to …

  • Set aside funds for the future, incase we get sick.
  • Or get insured, for the future illness that may come.
  • Cure an acute or serious disease
  • Take our prescribed maintenance medications
  • Be reactive so that symptoms will disappear immediately
  • Visit our doctors regularly when we have a diagnosed illness
  • Comply with the doctor’s recommendations when needed, after consulting for a second or third opinion to our management

We need to be salutogenic when we need to…

  • Invest on our wellbeing and our health now, so that we can enjoy life at the moment and not wait until we get seriously sick
  • Stop being so afraid of sickness,  when we can actually optimize our health so that we may avoid being seriously sick
  • Be proactive,  keeping ourselves healthy and well
  • Be patiently addressing the root of health,  building the foundations of wellbeing which may take more time
  • Visit our salutogenic medicine experts regularly  to guide our health optimization
  • Choose what we eat and how we eat.  Take time to exercise. Begin our day with a good, deep , 7-8 hours of sleep.  Manage our stress. Choose who we spend time with.

In our practice, we find that the pathogenic mindset has dominated us so much, infact hardened us into believing that this is the only way.  The pathogenic infrastructure within and around us has become our standard of how well we are taking care of ourselves. We can now slowly be aware that the salutogenic mindset is equally powerful .  The salutogenic infrastructure can be a part of the standard of excellent care.

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