Do you have success stories?  Certainly, we have . Thirty years of practice –  is a gift of time for successful encounters.

Do you have Case Reports ?  Yes we have. We have the laboratory results too.

However,  for now, we have chosen to keep this data private to give us time to ask permission from our clients.

We thank all the clients and friends of Clinica Salutare through the many years , who have shared their Success Stories with their loved ones , their friends,  and even with strangers while waiting for a ride.

We have encountered some clients who would give up their scheduled slot in the clinic and offer the therapy session to a relative who “needs it more”.

Some of our clients are determined to share their success stories.  They personally accompany their friends and family to the clinic.

Others share their success stories even to loved ones and acquaintances abroad.  A visit to the clinic becomes part of their balikbayan bonding with family.

Many from far away, carry their Success Stories with them as memories that bring them back after many years.  They are always remembered and expected.

We are grateful to all our clients who have chosen Clinica Salutare, as their Salutogenic Boutique Clinic.
You are our real Success Story.