“Ergonomics is not only about chairs.”  

This is how our expert consultant , Dr Rosemary Seva, PhD introduced the topic to us.  Then we knew that we were embarking on a task that was going to be truly salutogenic- the person , not the task, not the chair was to be the center of our attention.

As defined during our training, ERGONOMICS is optimizing human performance by fitting the task to the user.   Thus, ergonomics is physical, cognitive and organizational.

We became more determined to incorporate ergonomics in our services, when a company asked us how we can help employees who have to  sit infront of computers all day. We knew we had to look for an expert in this field. It was not an easy search. Through our network in the University of the Philippines, Occupational Health Department we were  led to Dr.Rosemary Seva- who has a Masters Degree and PhD in Ergonomics.

Salutogenesis in the workspace had to start with our own clinic.  We devoted a whole day for this. We listened intently to her lecture in the morning.  The ergonomics audit in the afternoon was most valueable. Dr. Seva checked each one of us , measuring our anthropometrics in relation to the keyboard, the chair and the table we were using.  Our interior designer then designed the prototype keyboard for us to use. Our working chairs and table will then follow. We are slowly evolving to be an ergonomically optimized clinic – living up to our commitment to be messengers of salutogenesis.

Together with Dr. Seva, our next task is to bring the awareness  and applications of ergonomics to companies who are interested in the total well being of their human resource.  Ergonomics is one essential component of our Corporate WellBeing Programs.

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