Our Philosophy

The Clinical Practice of Salutogenesis

  • Salutogenesis begins with measuring then  balancing the measurable. The origin of health is cellular.  We first measure cellular nutrition and hormonal levels, determine structural and fluid integrity and restore the balance of the physical body.   
  • Salutogenesis continues through the  optimization of the measurable to enter the realm of the non- physical .  Our emotions, sense of values,  will forces, thoughts, self-knowing now become more open for transformation.
  • Salutogenesis arrives,  becomes our Wellbeing beyond health.  To serve in community, for the needs of our time.

Our Philosophy was born and raised in Bukidnon. Every morning, we would look at Mount Kitanglad, with admiration and gratitude.

We have chosen  “Pamarayeg” , our Bukidnon eagle,  as the icon of how we learned to soar and why we have taken flight.

We share our philosophy, with the Bukidnon spirit of “Pamarayeg” – an ardent request.  Like our icon, we request for protection because we are pioneers. With our icon, we kindly ask  that we strive for balance in our perspective, balance in our deeds so that life will not just survive, but  will bloom and multiply. Soaring with our icon, we echo the affectionate, yet urgent appeal- let us make life worthwhile, not only for human beings but moreso for the vast natural treasures around us.  Let us protect, conserve, and optimize the micro-origins and macro-origins of our health. Perhaps, we have focused on illness too much. It is time to be both salutogenic and pathogenic in perspective and action.

Clinica Salutare is  indebted to Dr. Miguel De Leon and the Robert S. Kennedy Philippine Bird Conservancy for the photographs, for introducing “Pamarayeg” to us and for teaching us to advocate for “eco-protection” and “eco-conservation” as a lifestyle.


Pamarayeg, a “ fervent request”  , a “most kind favor asked” or an “ affectionate appeal for something”

Heir of King of World Eagles, Pithecophaga jefferyi

Born January 2018

Fully Fledged July 10, 2018

Cinchona Forest Reserve, Mount Kitanglad Bukidnon

Photo credits:  Dr. Cesar Espiritu, Ophthalmologist, UP Medicine Class , 1982

Dr.  Miguel de Leon, Ophthalmologist