John Ronald O. Bermudez

DO-MTP, PTRP, Grad Dip Man Ther (Hons), DMS

Mr. John Ronald O. Bermudez, is a physical therapist, osteopath, and a practitioner of the Dorn Method Therapy and the Ken Yamamoto Technique.  In our clinic, Mr. Bermudez is our Viscero-somatic specialist who takes care of our clients suffering from chronic body pains with a psycho-emotional component.  Mr. Bermudez is also our Spine Specialist employing the Dorn Method and Ken Yamamoto Technique to position the body to its ideal body frame. He believes that the body has the capacity to heal itself under the right circumstances which involves alignment, balance, correct movement and breathing.  The cycle of successful therapeutic outcome starts with the encounter with Mr. Bermudez , and is completed with the participation of the client through functional exercises at home which are taught with precise instructions and attention to detail.

Berms, as he is called has a keen interest in manual therapy and in the untiring perfection of his craft,  after learning that so much can be done to the body by gentle hands-on techniques to help improve the general well being of an individual.