My Diary, as the More Senior HOMe Specialist

Paulita V. Baclig, MD,

December 12,  2018


I love history and biography.  As the more senior HOMe Specialist in the country,  I have had the privilege of being present from the beginning of her history. Here, I share some pages from my diary and key points which define the practice as discussed with us by Dr. Ted .  Underlined key points are actual words of Dr. Ted which I have carefully preserved in what I call our HOMe Textbook.

Health Optimization Medicine (HOMe) as  envisioned by our founder and mentor, Dr.Theodore Achacoso is  a new specialty in medicine. Thus, the organic unfolding of the practice will be true to this raison d ‘etre. The medical doctor of today and the future can likewise be trained in HOMe and other health practitioners can likewise be trained in HOPe.

HOMe was first conceptualized and developed for clinical practice in the Philippines beginning in 2009 when Dr. Ted started to see clients in the Phillipines during his quarterly visits .  Back then, I started to learn the practice of HOMe by assisting in the practice and by working with him in the care of my clients whom I referred to him.

HOMe is Health Management. Illness Medicine is Disease Management

The health-based nature of the practice is the first distinct cornerstone. Since, our medical education has been skewed towards Illness, it is best to define this in comparison to what we have been used to. Illness medicine defines health as the Absence of disease. Note the reference point is disease. In HOMe, Health is the Balance of the anabolic (building up) processes and the catabolic (breaking down) processes according to the life Cycle of the organism. Thus, health as now defined  becomes A+B+C and not only A which we were schooled to master. This is an unschooling we all have to undergo – with much difficulty and pain. Even Dr. Ted reminds us every now and then that it took him some time to finally unschool himself.  To conceive of a clinical practice that is not in reference to disease can make any doctor and health practitioner very uneasy, nervous perhaps and confused. We were never taught to think this way, and we have not thought that such is possible. We even think of prevention always in reference to a disease. For example, preventive medicine may mean doing colonoscopy on a regular basis to prevent colon cancer. Or doing immunizations to prevent infectious illnesses. All these fall under the realm of Illness Management. Health Management is focused totally on health never disease. Thus, as in Dr Teds framework all specialties whose identity is linked to illness is an Illness Medicine specialty – Allopathic or Mainstream Medicine, Functional Medicine, Integrative Medicine, Alternative Medicine, Complementary Medicine, Traditional Medicine and others.

HOMe Management is a collaborative management with Illness Medicine experts.

When we discuss the care of our clients, Dr. Ted reiterates :  “entrust their illness management to the illness doctors, take care of the health of their  cells”.  Thus, comanagement with Illness Medicine experts is at the core of the HOMe Practice. We are trained to refer Illness Management to the Illness Medicine experts. At present, this ideal situation is not easy to achieve on a large scale. However, a few of the Illness Medicine doctors who have taken time to understand HOMe are now encouraging this cooperative care which has resulted in more successful outcomes and more satisfied clients. The successful outcomes from this collaborative care can be the subject of serious research in the future.

HOMe detects subtle toxicities and borderline deficiencies. Illness Medicine diagnoses and treats disease.

HOMe can never claim to diagnose and treat disease. Such is the specialty of Illness Medicine experts. The HOMe  expert detects subtle toxicities and borderline deficiencies. HOMe does not make the promise that a disease will be absent. But we can assure that health will be present. HOMe is the only specialty that focuses on making you healthy instead of treating your disease.

Only HOMe takes care of the cell- the intracellular, extracellular and intercellular. Illness Medicine takes care of the tissue and organ.

HOMe is the only specialty that takes care  of your cell. HOMe makes your unhealthy cells healthy and keeps your healthy cells healthy by balancing substances at the molecular level. That way the body can fight its own diseases. Again, HOMe does not claim to cure any disease. You simply and naturally get better by focusing on keeping yourself healthy rather than treating your disease. For example, rather than treating diabetes, we focus on improving the way all of the cells in your body can handle sugars and fats as fuel.  That then allows the patient to lower the dose or completely remove the diabetes drug. But that is a beneficial side-effect of overall health and not targetted diagnosis and treatment of disease.

We cannot ask the cell, how do you feel? Is there pain? Thus, we have to measure to know the state of cellular health.

This is how Dr. Ted explains why baseline Health Optimization laboratory tests are required in the HOMe clinical practice. We cannot ask the cell how it feels? Or examine the cell with our trained fingers the way we palpate the liver for tenderness. Since HOMe takes care of your cell, it requires a baseline measurement of your cellular status to avoid guesswork and to make sure your health management is personalized. This has only become possible during the recent years, since we now have advanced laboratory techonology to measure cellular nutrients for example – levels of your B vitamins or antioxidants. These tests at the cellular level were not available before. Thus, one may say that the HOMe practice is an evolutionary advancement made possible by technological progress. The HOMe practice is also the evolutionarily relevant solution to our current health needs. The baseline Health Optimization Laboratory Tests required are: Tests for Gut Health, Food Intolerance, Comprehensive Nutrient Levels, Comprehensive Hormone Levels.

Investing in Health now? Or Saving for Intensive Care for a Serious Disease Later?

Now that HOMe is available in the Philippines, with competently trained HOMe specialists and reliable laboratory tests –  clients now have a new option. This option is more readily available in the Philippines for now, where HOMe was first developed. Eventually trained medical doctors in the Philippines and in other countries will bring HOMe to more clients who choose health management. This may take some time. The tests for health is expensive and is a choiced investment. But certainly not as expensive as an ICU confinement later when one is already too sick. One can choose to invest on being well and healthy now or choose to save funds for a possible serious illness later.

It is a decision and choice our clients make and we respect. Our only task is to inform our clients so that they can make a well informed and educated decision.

Everyone has the right to know that HOMe is here in the Philippines, an effective and safe option.

Everyone has the right to know that finally, one can manage one’s health and enjoy well being now through HOMe, while at the same time being cared for by Illness Medicine experts when one has a diagnosed ailment.

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