We all love a good detox.  Yes, I agree — because we all need a good detox.

A good detox – is first of all  a Gut Detox.

It is not enough that we empty our gut  of everything that can be emptied. And we may believe that the more we empty, the better for us.  However, if this emptying or detoxifying is not targetted, this practice can be detrimental. One can be emptying the gut of vital nutrients,  essential commensal bacteria or fibers.

A targetted gut detox can be achieved by submitting one’s stool for a comprehensive analysis. The Gastrointestinal Effects (GI Effects Test) is a baseline Health Optimization test we recommend.

The following Gut Detox can be targetted through the Genova  GI Effects test, or any similar comprehensive stool test: ( This is a good guide)

  1. IS YOUR GUT INFECTED WITH PARASITES?  Detox yourself from parasites – such as Entamoeba, Cryptosporidium, Giardia.
  2. IS YOUR GUT INFLAMMED?  OR DO YOU HAVE A LEAKY GUT?  Detox yourself from  inflammation that will allow  the attack of harmful substances and hinder the entry of nutrients and substances you need.  Detox yourself from inflammatory culprits like food you are intolerant to, unnecessary medications, excess alcohol, harmful drugs, and unmanaged stress.
  3. IS YOUR GUT INSUFFICIENT IN TERMS OF DIGESTING AND ABSORBING FAT AND PROTEIN? Detox yourself from poor digestion and absorption and provide enzymes for the breakdown of fat, carbohydrates and protein
  4. IS YOUR GUT IMBALANCED? Detox yourself from bad bacteria and bad fungus, and build up the levels of good bacteria and essential fibers  in your gut.

From now on,  if you love a good detox,  detox yourself of what you really need to get rid of.  Get a good Gut Detox.

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