As Your Salutogenic Boutique Clinic, your care flows from salutosynergy, thus creating the best for you. Salutosynergy is the extra energy created from the  combined efforts of different people working together for the sake of health. The total energy from salutosynergy is greater than the sum of the individual efforts. Salutosynergy is the why behind Clinica Salutare. Salutosynergy is the reason why we are chosen.

The awareness of  salutosynergy is natural to us. What is edifying is that through every encounter with a client this awareness becomes a person-to-person connection and the outcome more personalized.

Salutosynergy works best in a boutique setting because of her highly personalized nature. As such, we take care of the clients, their loved ones and their companies who have been specifically assigned to us.

What does this entail for us?

First, is our commitment to the framework of health rather than disease. This salutogenic mindset guides how we listen, evaluate, analyze, plan and act.

Second, is the conscious enlivening of the energetic connections between the client and the practitioner. Thus, we align our energies, synergy. Synergy happens when we recognize our physical realities, yet at the same time respect that we have non-physical connections. We affect each other emotionally. We respect each other as unique individuals. We are one and equal in the spiritual reality.

This is the essential beginning of the synergy. That the energy and effort of the client is a vital facet of this connection and exists in a network with the practitioner. A beautiful insight to bring up here is that our many nutrients and hormones in our body likewise work in a network to achieve balance. That is the reason why our nutrients and hormones are always balanced together, never piecemeal. One can never give estrogen alone, without considering the need to increase, decrease, or maintain the other hormones, for example. We take our cue from the salutosynergy within.

The connection is not hierarchial, where the practitioner is considered more superior, more knowledgeable than the other. Health management is highly personalized and outcomes become more successful when clients take active role in their care. For example, optimized health is dependent on a regular night sleep which every client has to follow with discipline.  In turn, practitioners must encourage clients to actively participate in their programs, always respecting their opinion and choices. For many years, medical practitioners have been used to being the authority. Thus, patients have not learned to take active role in their health care. In Clinica Salutare, we nurture this salutosynergy seriously.

Third, is the patience and determination to activate the entire network of practitioners and significant people who can help bring about the best care for the client. With the client as the pivot point of the network, all other forces come together for health, creating salutosynergy. This is very unique to Clinica Salutare and I would say a skill and a gift. The lead salutogenic medical specialist, often the senior medical doctor makes sure this network is alive and collaboration with each member of the team is maintained. The salutogenic leader determines the therapist to be referred to and constant discussions are made. In our clinic, the team is not only composed of doctors of different specialties as is often the case. The team is composed of specialists for the physical, etheric, emotional and spiritual bodies who are brought into the network as needed. Thus, we have lymphatic drainage therapists, osteopaths, movement and exercise experts, art therapist, psychotherapist. We may also include in our network, other practitioners who may not be part of our clinic team. The connection is kept even more alive through warming human interactions.

Salutosynergy is a skill we all have to develop as practitioners. Medical doctors are usually not used to collaborating with osteopaths or other therapists who are not part of the medical and health community we were taught to recognize. For example, the science behind the practice of lymphatic drainage therapy was not taught to us, thus it becomes difficult for medical doctors to work with these therapists. Furthermore, osteopaths and medical doctors still have to learn how to work together in a network rather than a hierarchial set up. The same is true for other practitioners that make up the team. How will a medical doctor work in salutosynergy with an art therapist?

Fourth, salutosynergy includes the openness to link with the forces of pathosynergy if called for. That is, if the client has a diagnosed illness. The clinic maintains a roster of Illness Medicine experts who are open to cooperate with this networked spirit of caring. Illness medicine experts are still learning how to work in cooperation with health optimization medicine experts. The lead salutogenic specialist in the clinic makes sure that collaborative discussions are made with the illness experts when possible, particularly when such is vital for the overall care of the client.

Fifth, a Caring-Synergy guides all participants in the bigger network guided by a cooperative relationship rather than a hierarchial one. The geometric rise in energy through this cooperation becomes the infinite source of premium health and wellbeing for everyone.

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