Carmen Paz Diokno-Escay

Therapeutic Art and Biography Practitioner

Carmen Paz D. Escay (Kara) is the Therapeutic Art and Biography Practitioner of our clinic.  As a multiarts artist, therapeutic art-biography practitioner, teaching-artist, and mentor, Kara empowers and enables children, teens, teachers, communities, government organizations, career and business professionals to shine and share the masterpiece we already are.

Through art therapy and biography, Kara’s clients have been able to learn more about themselves, find a safe space to face personal challenges and communicate through the visual arts. By painting, drawing or sculpting, clients are given an alternate creative mode of expression where they can take on strengthening their own inner resilience to move where they have felt “stuck” and gently awaken sleeping potentials.

Kara completed her BFA in Fine Arts at the University of the Philippines in 1999.  And continued specialized training in Anthroposophic Art Therapy and Biography from 2005-to present. She has more than 19 years of solid experience in the Arts, teacher development, Art Education, coach-facilitating workshops and working with children and adults in all levels of experiences.

Kara  is the Arts Director and Co-Founder of Mastepiece Movement.  She is a member of the Anthroposophic Wellness Foundation (AWFI), Associate Member of Philippine Association for Art Therapy and Biography Work (PABATI), and a Trauma Intervention Volunteer for Freunde Emergency Pedagogy’s Philippine Team.