Bertilino R. Cinco Jr.


Mr. Bertilino R. Cinco Jr. (Bert)   is a physical therapist, osteopath and exercise scientist.  As the Senior Osteopath in our clinic, Mr. Cinco is our specialist in Osteopathic Structural Alignment, Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization Exercises and Fundamental Movement Re-training.  He believes in the Hippocratic saying that “movement is life” and in the philosophy that taking great care of the physical body is essential in living. As the physical body is the storage of vital life forces including the intellect and moral values.  His outcome goal for each and every client he works with is not only to become pain-free and moving, but to realize that exercise is a celebration of what their body can do. For this, he integrates the balancing of anatomical structures with the teaching of fundamental locomotion, posture and breathing.  His hands-on approach to treatment , coupled with his ability to guide clients in re-discovering their functional capabilities has brought success against chronic muscle-, joint- and nerve-related pain.