Beatrix Aileen Sison


Beatrix Aileen L. Sison (Aileen) is our clinic Psychotherapist and Play Therapist.  Adults “talk it out” , children “play it out”. Aileen has been practising Play Therapy and other forms of expressive therapy for children and adolescents, who have experienced abuse, anxiety, trauma, and self-destructive behavior since 1994.  As a Psychotherapist her field of expertise is in trauma and recovery, parenting, abuse, suicide and burn-out. A graduate of the Ateneo de Manila University, Aileen is a Registered Psychologist, a Certified Clinical Psychologist of the Psychological Association of the Philippines.

She is a  Founding Board Member of the Philippine Association for Child and Play Therapy.

Currently, she is a resident Psychologist of Cribs Foundation, Inc.; a Counselor at the ILAW Center, Wellness Center of Miriam College; a member of the Inter Country Placement Committee, Intercountry Adoption Board.  Aileen is a co-author of two books with Dr. Ma. Lourdes A. Carandang, The Path to Healing: A Primer on Family Violence and Nawala ang Ilaw ng Tahanan (also with Christopher Carandang), a book on Families of OFW Mothers.  And a contributor to Dr. Carandangs book , The Magic of Play: Chidren Heal Through Play Therapy.